what is a hot stone massage?

With origins dating back thousands of years, with evidence of use in ancient China, India, and more recently by Native Americans, a hot stone massage is, as the name suggests, a massage that combines massage strokes with the use of warm basalt stones.
The smooth, flat Basalt stones, formed when molten lava is cooled following a volcanic eruption, have a high iron and magnesium content which allows them to retain and radiate soothing heat exceptionally well. 


The warming heat from the stones is like snuggling by the fire on a cold day making you feel safe and allowing tension to drain away.
As the heat from the stones transfers to your body it increases blood flow to the muscles allowing deeper work during the massage without the need for deeper pressure.
A natural pain reliever, heat can be extremely effective in relieving tension and therefore pain, and when combined with massage, which has been proven to aid the reduction in stress and anxiety, the results can be deeply relaxing. Through massage, the stimulation of endorphins - the “happy hormones’ - and the reduction of “stress hormones” such as cortisol, leads to a greater feeling of calm and well being.


Gemma Barnett