Frequently asked questions

If you already know what therapy you'd like to book, please click here to use our online booking form.

Note: Even though we have the online system you can still call, or email to book (any therapy).
Call: 01722 340364

Q: What therapies can I book online?
A: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Therapy and Movement Coaching and Acupuncture Reiki and Energy Healing (This therapy has it's own separate booking system, please click here to access it)

Q: Can I book same day appointments using the online booking system?
A: Yes, although the system has a 2 hour cut-off period. If you require a short notice appointment (i.e. within 2 hours of the time you are looking to book in) then please call on 01722 340364, or email us at: In this circumstance, just because the online system says there aren't appointments it doesn't mean we are full, instead we prefer to manually manage any short notice bookings.

Q: Can I book online using a gift voucher?
A: For appointments booked online you'll need to pay in advance online, therefore in this instance please call us to book in using a gift voucher, we can then set your appointment up from our side of things.

Q: I notice that it's a separate website to book, is that right?
A: Yes, we have partnered with Cliniko a company that specialises in offering online booking systems to small businesses like us. We have chosen this route as we feel it offers the greatest level of security for your personal data.

Q: If I want to call, or email to book instead, is that still okay?
A: Yes of course. Please call 01722 340364 or email for any enquiries.