The 'Hot Rocks' Sports or Deep Tissue Massage

What is the 'Hot Rocks' Massage?

We've taken our Sports, Deep Tissue Massage and Fascial release techniques and adapted them to be used with the heat from hot basalt stones.  The important thing is not to get this confused with our standard Hot Stone Massages, or those offered anywhere else. This is something completely unique to us, delivered by James Barnett, our Senior Sports Therapist and owner, hence the different name.

Why is it different?

Traditional hot stone massages use quick sweeping techinques to transfer the excess heat from the stones to warm up the skin. This is because initially the stones are too warm to work slowly. One of the things we do differently is to heat the stones to a specific temperature that allows us to work more slowly and therefore in a more detailed manner right from the start, without the risk of the stones being too hot. We also use the static weight of the stones, in conjunction with their heat to target specific areas of mucsle and fascia. This not only acts as a natural pain-relief mechanism, but warming the area in this manner means we get results using less direct pressure.  Lastly, we use specific fasical release techinques in conjunction with the stones, to help improve joint mobility, reduce soft tissue restrictions and therefore decrease pain.

What can the 'Hot Rocks' Massage help with?

You can book the Hot Rocks Sports Massage for any ailments you would usually want to book in for a standard Sports Massage, or Deep Tissue Massage.