Birgit Weinmann

Birgit Weinmann

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

Birgit received her CQF level 5 (SCQF 8) qualification in Swedish Massage in 2017 from the Complementary Therapy School (credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University). After which she began a mobile massage service. To extend her skills, she completed a Diploma in Comprehensive Thai Massage at the Thai Massage School Chiang Mai (authorised by the Thai Ministry of Education).  

Upon return to Scotland she continued to run her home massage service and worked in two chiropractic clinics while studying towards a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage at the Advanced Massage Techniques School. She received her Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage in August 2018 and has now settled in Salisbury.


Why choose Birgit?

Birgit prides herself on her flexible, friendly approach to dealing with musculoskeletal pain and disfunction.  If she is unable to help, or feels there would be a quicker, more effective way of getting you moving again, she will suggest it, even if this means referring you on to another therapist.  This helps to make sure you're not spending money on any unnecessary appointments. 

To book or chat about an appointment with Birgit contact on 07516 161134 , or email You can also book online direct.



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