Movement Coaching

What is Movement Coaching?

Movement Coaching is a way of getting and keeping you pain free whilst exercising.

Who is it good for?

Anyone who finds that therapies such as Sports Massage, Chiropractic work and Osteopathy only offer temporary relief and who are looking for specific stretches and exercises to do at home, or in the gym to help keep them pain free.

How does it work?

Initially your movement is assessed using exercises and tests, then we use a specific stretches, self myofascial releases, joint mobilisations and muscle activation exercises to get you moving better. Better stability, mobility and movement, in the right areas will mean less inflammation and therefore less pain.  The stretches and exercises are simple to do, so you can easily use them at home or incorporate them into your existing exercise routine, or training plan.

Is any special equipment needed?

Movement coaching can use foam rollers, spikey balls, and resistance bands; all of which are provided free of charge for your sessions The Centre. For home use / training elsewhere you will need to buy your own equipment. Should you choose to the relevant items are available to purchase at The Centre, or you can source you own equipment elsewhere. Please do not buy your own equipment in advance of your first session, as you may not need everything. Once you've had an initial session, you will know what you will need to buy.