Massages - Frequently asked questions

Here at The Therapy Centre in Salisbury, we understand that coming to us for a massage could appear daunting.

You can always find out more about our practitioners by going onto our meet the team pages.  

We have also prepared some frequently asked questions about our massages:

Q: What should I wear and how much clothing will I need to remove?
A: In our Salisbury Centre, and for Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone, Swedish Massage and Bellabaci Massage, we only expose the areas we need to work on and leave the rest covered with a towel at all times.  However, for convenience this may require you to remove clothing before the massage starts.  More information is provided below:

Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder for women: You will usually be asked to remove all top half clothing (except underwear) and lie face down on the couch (initially), your therapist will then leave the room to allow you to undress in private, and a large towel will be provided so you can cover yourself. The therapist may need to unhook your bra whilst you are on the couch, but will always ask for your permission beforehand. A Sports Bra without a back fastening will need to be removed beforehand for an effective massage. 

Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder for men: You will usually be asked to remove your shirt / t-shirt. 

Lower back and/or leg massages for men and women: If you have booked a lower limb Sports/Deep Tissue Massage then please bring loose fitting shorts to change into.  For other massages, you will be asked to remove any trousers, skirts but not underwear.  Your therapist will leave the room whilst you get changed, you will be given a large towel to cover yourself with and asked to lie down on the couch (before the therapist re-enters the room).

Whole body massages for men and women: You will be asked to remove your clothing but not underwear, your therapist will leave the room whilst you get undressed. You will be given a large towel to cover yourself with and asked to lie down on the couch (before the therapist re-enters the room).

*Please note that even if you have booked a upper body massage it may be necessary to work on the legs and bottom in order to alleviate (lower) back tension and vice versa.

Other massages in our Salisbury Centre:

Shiatsu is carried out fully clothed and we would therefore recommend casual/comfortable clothing.

During an Indian Head Massage you will be asked to remove your top but a towel will be provided. Every care is taken to avoid massage oils coming into contact with clothing but there will be traces of oil on the skin after a massage. 

Q: Will the therapist leave the room when I undress?
A: Yes. After an initial consultation the therapist will explain the treatment, request you remove clothing and ask you to lie on the couch with a towel covering your body. The therapist will always leave the room and knock on the door before re-entering. 

Q: Can I request a male/female therapist?
A: Absolutely. Please make this request when booking an appointment, if we can accommodate it we will.

Q: If I want a Deep Tissue Massage should I see a male therapist?
A: No. It is a misconception that men give stronger massages than women. The effectiveness of a massage is entirely dependent on training. A massage does not have to be painful to be effective and if more/less pressure is required you simply have to ask. 

Q: Should I make conversation? 
A: In our Salisbury Centre, if you prefer to relax in silence then our therapists will understand this. In most cases our clients feel more comfortable talking until their mind drifts off into a quiet state of relaxation. There are times, particularly during Sports/Deep Tissue massage where communication is key to an effective treatment, and you may also be asked to move onto your side, lie face up etc. You should always feel comfortable enough to advise if the room is too hot or too cold, if the pressure is too much or too little and if a stretch is too painful etc. 

Q: Are there any circumstances which mean I should not get a massage? 
A: There are various conditions whereby massage may not be appropriate, however, our experienced team are more than willing to discuss any concerns you may have when you make your appointment.  If once you have spoken to us, we are unsure we may ask you to seek your GPs advice before coming for an appointment. Call us on Salisbury (01722) 340361

Q: Will Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage hurt? 
A: Here in our Salisbury Centre, we think it is important to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pain.  At times you may experience discomfort particularly in areas where there are adhesions/scar tissue but it should not overly painful. The ‘No pain no gain’ mantra does not apply and a well trained therapist will always be able to work within the boundaries expressed by a client. 

Q: How often should I book a massage and will I be pressured to rebook? 
A: Here in our Salisbury Centre, you will never be put under any obligation to rebook, we will only give our professional opinion on whether we think it is appropriate and how soon that should be.  

You will always be given the option to contact us (in your own time) to decide whether to come in again.

Q: How long will it take to feel an improvement? 
A: As part of your consulatation / 1st appointment in our Salisbury Centre your therapist should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to feel an improvement. Everyone is different, and results can vary depending on your age, health, weight and general wellbeing.

Q: What do I do if I’m self conscious about my body and am not comfortable about being undressed? 
A: Insecurities about our bodies. We all have them, please remember you are not alone and all of these issues will have been encountered before. Our practitioners are sensitive to all our client’s dispositions, so try not to worry.  Only part of your body which will be exposed will be the area that the therapist is working on at that time. If you are asked to move face up/onto your back the therapist will avert his/her eyes and a towel will be placed over the whole body. Whatever your condition, the chances are we WILL have seen it all before. If it helps you can remain covered for the first few sessions or until you feel comfortable with your therapist. Improved body image is a surprisingly under rated benefit of massage.  Ladies: There is no need to apologise for the fact that you have not shaved your legs! It is very doubtful that we would even notice. 

Q: What if I experience other ‘embarrassing’ body issues?
A: There are lots of issues that can present themselves during massage. If you need to use the toilet during a massage then just excuse yourself and go! It is far better to miss a few minutes of massage in order to be comfortable. Other ‘embarrassing’ issues include passing gas and loud stomach noises, both of which are perfectly natural and normal. It will not be the first time your therapist has experienced it.