Injury Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal injuries are broadly classified into 2 distinct areas, either 'acute' or 'chronic' and it is important from a rehabilitation point of view to know which category your injury falls into.

What are acute injuries and how do we treat them?

Acute injuries are ones that have happened very recently, they are typified by some sort of recent trauma, be that a fall, collision, or awkward movement that has created a combination of any of the following symptoms:

  • brusing
  • swelling
  • heat
  • pain

With acute injuries the best immediate therapy is to use the first aid regime of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE) and then seek professional help.  You should always see a doctor if you suspect a serious injury such as a bone fracture (break) or dislocation.  For lesser injuries our therapists can assess muscles and joints to test for ligament, tendon and meniscus damage and also provide strapping and taping to help reduce any swelling to aide recovery.  Once the injury is in the 'sub-acute' phase then rehabilitation can begin.  Here at The Therapy Centre in Salisbury, we offer a combination of Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and Movement Coaching to help you get back to full fitness.

What are chronic injuries and how do we treat them?

Chronic injuries are defined as those that have been problematic for some time, where the symptoms from the initial trauma, or injury have subsided yet some pain, or restriction remains, often only with movements in certain directions, or after specific types of exercise.  With chronic injuries, the pain will often subside after a few days rest, there may be some swelling around an affected joint; which again will dissipate given time. Chronic injuries can also occur after surgical intervention.  This can be either in the immediate area around the surgery, or in an affected area of the body where an adaptation has occurred to accomodate an altered movement pattern (such as a limp) as a result of the surgery, or original injury.

Here at The Therapy Centre in Salisbury, James likes to assess chronic injuries in a similar way to acute, or sub-acute injuries. He finds that often a chronic injury has come about through an earlier acute injury either being ignored, or not dealt with effectively/appropriately at the time, so it's important to assess any affected joints / muscles.  Once we have identified what we believe to be the underlying cause we can offer a combination of Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and/or Movement Coaching to help you get back to full fitness.  Alternatively, if we feel you need a more detailed medical consultation we will let you know so you can speak to your doctor, or GP